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From: Chris
Subject: Health Class 01Health Class
By Christopher Robinson
Copyright 2001 Christopher Robinson
This is a work of FICTION. If you are under 18 years of age, stop reading.
Yeah, yeah, blah, blah. You know if you're not supposed to read this or
_____The classroom was full of 16 year old boys, each full of raging hormones
waiting to be released in the form of an erection. The teacher and JV
football coach, Mr. Samuel Barston, 37, went out in front of class and
introduced himself.
"I'm Mr. Barston. You can call me Barston, Mr. Barston, Coach
Barston, or, if I like you enough, Sam. This is the first of the year and
the curriculum says that first thing is SEX ED. Aren't you all excited?"
A few giggles and high fives went through out the room.
Mr. Barston stood there at the front of the room, his large body making him
slightly intimidating to the Sophomore students. He stood about 6'3" and
looked at least 260 lbs. His large, muscular arms were bulging under the
sleaves of a tight polo shirt that was about to rip at the seams. With
each move of Barston's body the fabric stretched even furthur. His large
pecs looked like steaks wraped in grey knit butcher paper. His abs were
huge, a visible six pack apeared from underneath the polo, and from the
looks of the thick black hair that escaped from the unbottoned collar, a
layer of fur. His shorts were stretched over a large, but tight, muscular
ass and from the looks of bulge in his crotch, an above average cock.
He grabbed an chair from beside his desk and put in the front of
the room and hoisted one of his meaty, hairy legs on it and gave a lucky
guy in the front row a little peak up the leg to his growing erection from
being around all these cute boys.
"You," he pointed to the lucky guy, "go close the door."
Chester Fuller obliged his hunky Health teacher and shut the door
of the one roon outdoor modular-style classroom that sat just outside of
the main school building then quickly sat back down for more of the little
peep show up the leg of his teacher's shorts.
"First we are going to start with what I think are the basics.
Masturbation and oral sex. If you're lucky, maybe even self-sucking before
class is over!"
Barston looked at the class full of young, healthy boys and smiled.
He knew that this was going to be a great year. "STRIP!" He yelled at the
group of boys he was about to make young men.
"What?!" most of them asked, stunned.
"I said STRIP! Not get out of all your clothes! If you don't, you
fail this required class and don't get to graduate!!!"
Coach Barston watched as the boys stripped down to their birthday
suits. Some of them covered up, embarrassed, but some let their already
growing cocks hang for all their Preteen Nymphets glory. Chester was one of them, his
6-inch prick almost completely hard.
Barston pulled up his polo, revealing the thick layer of black fur
that covered his rock-hard abs and pecs. He pulled it off revealing more
of this body, and sending shivers through Chesters prick. After taking off
his sandals Coach then put his thumbs in the elastic waisteband of this
grey shorts and in one fluid motion pulled them down and off of his hairy
All of the boys stared in awe of this hairy god that stood in front
of them with his glistening purple 8-and 1/2-inch erection that pointed
slightly up and to the left.
"Now," he said, "do you want to do it sitting or standing?"
Most of the boys kept quiet, but Chester and another boy who wasn't
covering himself in the back both said sitting.
"Okay, clear the desks and we'll sit on the floor."
The boys did as they were told. Barston then sat down right were
he was, his large balls laying comfortably on the industrial carpet,
wanting to be engulfed by the mouth of a 16 year old.
Barston wrapped his large, tanned hand around his meaty manhood as
he instructed the boys to watch. He slowly started to pump his right hand
up and down the purple shaft of his cock, he then took his left hand and
cupped them under his balls and slightly tugged on them. Bringing his left
hand up to his mouth, he stuck his index finger in and got it wet with his
saliva then his rolled his ass so it was sticking up more and his pink
pucker hole was pointing across the circle to Mark Stucci. He slammed his
finger up his ass hole as far as it would go and started to finger fuck
himself as he jacked his purple pulsing cock.
All the boys watched in awe, their own cocks and pricks were
stretched to their limits as they watched their hunky teacher masturbate in
front of them. Barston's eyes closed as he groaned in his self enduced
ecstasy. He grunted and growled with pleasure with Preteen Nymphets each up and down motion
of his hand.
"Watch, I'm gonna cum in a moment" Barston directed his class.
With one more pump of his hand, he rested Preteen Nymphets it at the base of his
dick and squoze, his left hand was now sqeezinf his balls. His right hand
was then taken away and Barston's huge purple rod errupted ropes of hot
sticky cum. The first rope went all the way to Mark Stucci, slapping onto
his chest, the rest dropped closer and closer to the source onto the
Barston's hand milked out the last drops of cum still inside his
softening cock as he stood up and said, "That's how you masturbate! Now
it's your turn."
All at once, 27 sixteen year old boys grabbed at their hard pricks
and stated to quickly jack themselves off. Barston giggled at the sight
and said, "No, no, no. Not like that." He approached Chester, sqatting
behind him. He took Chester's right hand in his and placed it on Chesters
stiff dick and slowly started pumping, he then took Chester's left hand and
sucked on his index finger and stuck it up Chester's tight hole. "Like
this!" Barston yelled at all his students.
He went around the room helping one student and the next master the
art of self pleasure. Getting more and more turned on by seeing the many
teenage dicks and little thatches of pubic hair, Barston decided to move
"Has everyone came yet?" Everyone replied with a whole-hearted
"Yes, sir". "Good," Barston said with a large smile on his face.
He picked Preteen Nymphets up a phone that was on his desk and pushed a botton. A
few moments later, a large Senior Varsity football player walked in the
He was about 6'2" tall and maybe 200 lbs. He started to take off
his clothes. First it was his lettermens jacket, then his tight white
t-shirt that showed off his good looking pecs and biseps. After the shirt
came his shoes and socks--he had to have had size 14 shoes--and then he
moved on to his tight jeans that packaged his hot ass so fine it would Preteen Nymphets have
made an excellent store display, and his bulge! WoW! It was the biggest
bulge in a high school guy's pants the boys in the class had ever seen, and
that's why Barston liked him.
"Hey, Anthony," Barston greeted, patting the jock on his now naked
back. "How's everything?"
"Horny as usual, Coach."
"Good, good."
Anthony stood there in his straing jock strap. It was obviously
too small to fit his enourmous semi-hard member. Barston reached for the
waisteband and pulled them down to expose a 9-inch and growing cock, Preteen Nymphets
loaded with optional foreskin and large nut sac that hung down a couple of
inches and was full of two very large nuts just ready to spill their jizz
all over a willing warm body.
"Glad to see your boys are looking fine today, Tony." Barston said
caressing the large balls and lightly pulling on the fine pubic hair that
covered their sac.
"Where are you in class?" Anthony Arellano asked, looking around
the room at the awe-struck teens.
"Oral sex, care to demonstrate?"
"With you? Always, Coach!"
"Okay, get on your knees, you no-good son of a bitch cocksucker!"
With that Anthony dropped to his knees in front of his former
football coach. He took the coach's tool in his right and aimed it toward
his waiting lips. Closer and closer he got until the head of the meaty rod
was at his mouth. Anthony licked the tip of the cock with his long, wet,
and warm mouth until he heard the coach grunt.
With that grunt he sucked all of Barston's cocks into his mouth and
down his warm throat and held it there. Barston started to move in and out
of Anthony's hot mouth.
Anthony took his right hand and cupped the coach's balls, rolling
them around his fingers and feeling them all over. With his other hand he
played around the coaches butt hole tickling it, rubbing it, but never
finger fucking it, at least Preteen Nymphets not yet.
"Yeah, boy, suck my cock. Suck my beefy male football coahk cock!"
Anthony kept that cock in his mouth and throat the whole time, not
letting it slip out for the slightest moment. Anthony felt Barston's body
tighten up, he knew that the hot man was going to cum at any moment.
"I'm gonna....."
Anthony slipped the stiff rod out of his throat and held just the
head in his mouth, working his tounge around the piss slit and the
sensitive underside. He rammed his finger into the coaches ass hole as the
coach began his massive orgasm. The cock head pulsed as globs of hot cum
filled the inside of his mouth. Anthony swalled as much as he could,
waiting for more. Many more globs followed and Anthony savoured the taste.
Barston took his dick out of the hot jock's mouth and patted him on
the head. Anthony stood up and kissed the coach. He pushed his touge past
the hot lips of the older man and their tounges wrested inside Barston's
Barston could taste his cum on Tony's tounge and sucked on the hot
jocks mouth. Anthony melted in a heap of pleasure on the floor as his dick
pulsed in it's final 9-3/4-inch rock hard erection.
Coach Barston laid down with his face in Anthony's crotch as he
sunk his lips over the mountain of jock meat. Bobbing his head up and
down, it didn't take long before the volcano errupted.
Anthony didn't say a word, he like to surprise the mouth around
this cock. Instead, he just let out a little "ug" as his long and large
jock cock let out a cup of his hot jock jism into his former coaches mouth
and throat.
Barston took his head from the jocks crotch and looked up at the
clock. "Time to clean up!" He yelled to his class of erections just as
the warning bell rang. "Tomorrow, butt fucking and the joys of S&M!"
The class Preteen Nymphets dressed and put the desks back in rows. Anthony laid on
the floor panting. He knew that the coach had a free period next, and
wanted more of the man he'd grown occustomed to fucking in school.
Barston stood up, "For all those interested, there is a sex ed
extra credit activity tonight. The information is on the corner of my
Chester, Mark, and a lot of other students took the papers with all
the information on it. The dismissal bell rand and all of the student
reluctantly walked out of class, a couple stopping to touch the still erect
cock of Anthony. ------------------------------- Chester looked at the
information on the paper he held in front of him as he looked up at the
large house that stood across the street. It was Barston's house.
Coach Barston had the biggest house on his side of town. He helped
build it, too. Four stories with a indoor swimming pool, sauna, and all
the bells and whistles he could afford. All this on apparently a little
more than his teaching salary.
Chester walked across the street and up the brick walkway to the
large oak front door. He rang the bell and waited.
A tall, dark, and naked man opened the door. "You here for Health
Class?" He asked, he was obviously Itallian, and his stallion was ready
and willing. His body was covered in a moderate layer of black fur,
stopping at the neck, wrists, and ankles. The rest was pretty much just
hair and muscle.
He had large pecs and biseps, his legs were well defined, Mark
could see every muscle. Chester's penis stirred into an instant erection.
Seeing the tent in Chester's pants the man at the door extended his
hand and said, "Hey, I'm Marco Arellano, Sam's 'friend'. And you are?"
"Ch-Chester Fuller." He swallowed hard. Barston wasn't just a
damn good Health teacher who liked to keep his football players focused by
giving them sexual favors, he was a homo, too. Chester smiled, he was
definately going to like this activity.
"Come in, cutie," Marco said with a smile. Chester stared at his
8-inch dick. He like the look of it, It wasn't too big like Anthony's and
it wasn't off like Barston's up and to the left prick. It was perfect,
straight out and with a profile to end all penis profiles, every line just
right. Chester was obsessing.
Barston appeared from a hallway. "Hey, Chester, you made it! I see
you've met Marco. Isn't he just the cutest?" The couple kissed, their
tounge invading each other's mouths.
"There's a couple of guys in the den," Barston said pointing town
the hall. "Put your clothes in a bag in the closet and join them."
Chester did as he was told and as he walked into the den, two of
his fellow students looked up from the circular couch and said their
hellos. Chester new them, it was the other boy for masturbating while
sitting--Troy Abercrombie--and Mark Stucci. He looked around the room and
saw Anthony standing by a bar, Chester realized that Marco was Anthony's
brother. They looked a lot a like.
A half hour later, everyone in the class was there, short of 4 boys
who were in soccer and couldn't be there.
"Everyone, pick a partner!" Barston said as he laid his hand on
Chester's shoulder. He had picked me. "I want all partners to go to a
spot in the house and get to know each other better!"
With that Barston picked Chester up and carried him up the stairs.
Barston's chest hair was tickling Chester's side and he giggled. Coach
smiled and laughed. Anthony and Chuck followed us up the stairs, Anthony
was watching Sam's hot ass as it slowly walked up the staircase. He was
jealous of Chester and wanted Sam for him and his brother, Marco.
Coach put Chester down in front of a door and opened the door.
Chester walked in to see a large bedroom. Coach closed the door and locked
Chester walked over a sat on the large four post bed that had a
canopy and curtains. The black satin bedsheets reflectd the light of
candles that filled the room.
Barston sat down next to Chester on the bed. Chester fell into the
burly coach when the bed dipped under his weight. Barston looked at the 16
year old's body. For his size and height, Chester was pretty good looking.
He was 5'10" tall and about 140lbs. with arms that needed a little weight
training but nice pecs for his weight and great abs for his age. Barston
pushed on Chesters chest and laid him down. He flicked at Chester's
nipples and licked his navel. With his left hand he reached down and
pulled at Chester's thatch of pubic hair making Chester's 6-inch dick
twitch. Barston looked at Chester's cock in amazement, he'd never seen
that size of a cock on a guy Chester's size. He couldn't wait to suck it.
"Coach, I've ne--" Chester bagan.
Sam stopped him, "Call me Sam, now."
"San, I've never had sex. I've jacked off with a couple of
friends, but never anything else."
Sam put his hand softly on Chesters arm Preteen Nymphets and said, Preteen Nymphets "Just lie back
and relax."
With amazing Preteen Nymphets softness, Sam slid down the bed and put his face into
Chesters crotch. In one motion, Sam had all of Chester's hard 6-inch teen
cock in his mouth. Chester's body involuntarily convulsed, not knowing
this type of pleasure.
Sam reached up and comforted Chester by petting his arm. Chester
relaxed and enjoyed the blowjob from his hunky Health Teacher.
Sensing that Chester was going to blow his load, Sam stopped his
oral stimulation. Looking up at Chester with Preteen Nymphets a smile, he lifted Chester's
legs up onto Preteen Nymphets his shoulders to get an aim at Chester's virgin pink pucker
hole. Sam licked his lips and dove right in, startling Chester. Sam's
tounge went in and out of Chester's hole loosening the spincter.
Chester's hole loosened up all the way as his teacher rammed his
tounge as far as it would go up Chester's ass. Sam found Chester's
prostate quickly and massaged it with his tounge, sending streams of semen
out of Chesters rod.
"Oh, my, god. Oh, oh, oh.....oh............AWGH!" Chester screamed
and yelled as his whole body shook and bucked into orgasm.
Sam took his tounge out of his student's ass and looked up at the
16 year old. "You like that?"
Chester nodded.
"There a lot more to cum, kid." Sam said with a wink. "I like
you, and were gonna go placed!"__________________________________________
Copyright 2001 Christopher Robinson
Part Two to cum soon.
Questions? Comments? They are really welcome!
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